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Pinterest is not a social media platform, People come here not to connect with others but to search for ideas and solutions under a wide range of themes. Therefore, its marketing strategies are also different. To build a good marketing strategy, it is important to understand why Pinterest is different from other social media platforms.

Marketers can strategize their contents and use Pinterest to their advantage by predicting the ideas and solutions wanted by potential customers. Another advantage that the customers have is that after running a paid campaign, the “pins” or boards created during the campaign stay even after it completion and are a big help in attracting customers organically.


Pinterest is a tool where people can save the designs or “pins” they like and create boards where a number of images around the same topics are saved. The pictures take one to a different web page once clicked on where further information about the topic is provided. As a marketer or a businessman, the aim should be to provide desirable pins with inspirational or engaging content including keywords so that they are easily discoverable, saved and frequently clicked on.

Recent surveys have shown that the content on Pinterest has inspired a lot of people to shop after viewing pins from different brands even when they were not looking to shop, while others say that viewing the brand content on Pinterest actually gave them an insight on what they should purchase. Pinterest is a valuable resource which helps you understand what the recent trend is and what people are looking for right now. Currently, Pinterest has over 250 million users!

Pinterest’s international market is growing really fast with about 80% new sign-ups globally apart from America. Pinterest is an obvious choice for different subjects like home decoration, food, beauty, and fashion, thus the most number of users are women. But as of lately, Pinterest has a broader approach and is gaining more men as its regular users. Anybody looking for quick results through Pinterest should not use it because it requires a huge amount of patience and a strong strategic approach. It sure takes a while, but with the correct strategies, Pinterest can attract long-term loyal customers organically.


1. Create a business account on Pinterest.

2. Since 80% of users of Pinterest are on mobile, the page should be easy to use on mobile and should be responsive.

3. Content should be posted regularly. Create your own blogs, original content or own new “Do Your Own (DIY)” videos and post it on a regular basis so that your page is always in the public eye.

4. Post helpful content. If a person is looking for a solution to their problem on Pinterest, you should be able to provide with a simple answer so that it attracts the potential customer to your product.

5. Provide with items to lure your customers. If you offer something at a discount or maybe even a free product, it may compel your potential customers to give you a chance and if your product is genuine, they become your long-term customers.


1. Think like your customer.

Anything that you post on Pinterest should be with regard to what the customers want. One could start small, by regularly posting content on what the clients are searching for or related content so that they are always in the public eye. This idea can also work if the company is selling products like clothes, they could post a video showing “different ways of wearing a dress” and the provide a link that would lead the consumers to their website.

2. Begin with the end in mind.

When designing a strategy, always keep the end result and goal in mind and then start building the strategy backward. This works for all kinds of campaigns, be it paid or organic. To increase the potential reach of your content, you need to pay heed to every single detail of the campaign and at every step.

3. Treat Pinterest like a search engine.

Pinterest should be treated as a search engine. For example, when you want to rank your website on Google, you search for keywords related to those products/services and input them in your content. In the same way, to make sure that your content is on top of the search list, you need to input related keywords and key phrases each time you publish new content.

4. Track progress and improve.

Progress on your Pinterest account should be tracked regularly because it tells whether your marketing strategies are coming of use or if you need new strategies. It goes the same for people new on Pinterest, dada needs to be tracked on a monthly basis so that they know what is needed and what is not needed in the future.

Sunny Padhi

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