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Social media is a platform used to promote and sell different products, contents as well as services. Social Media is known for its two-way interaction pattern where the consumers get to engage with the prospects. This interaction pattern is what helps to build brand trust. Brand trust is when the consumers see some products of a brand being used by their trusted individuals or celebrities and they form a trust towards their brand. For the brands to build trust for their consumers, they need to encourage the customers to buy their products and for that, they need to create a deeper relationship with them.


Influencer marketing has taken over the internet. There are micro as well as macro influencers for all kinds of products, like fashion, cosmetics, electronics, etc. This trend is on all social media platforms, be it YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and even TikTok. Influencers are not selling the brand directly when they are promoting, they make different strategies and then place the products in the conversation with ease without the consumers noticing or even giving a second thought about it. The audience is always seeing advertisements everywhere, on their mobiles, computers, billboards, etc. They become tired of this and gradually start avoiding advertisements totally. It doesn’t matter what the advertisement is about, they either ignore it or tend to forget very easily about them. This is a big disadvantage for the brands as their sale goes down. Influencer marketing though is totally different. Brands should approach influencers who are trusted by people and who have a huge outreach. These influencers make content which is entertaining as well as solves the problems of the consumers by using your product in an engaging content. The products are used by them in such a way that it does not look like paid promotion, in fact, it looks like they have genuinely used the product and are encouraging the consumers to at the least try it.

Influencer marketing is beneficial for every brand who has an online website. Influencers mention the name of the website on their accounts and on other social media platforms which provides a backlink and thus helps with the off page SEO. Back Links are very important for websites development and organic reach. It helps the website to perform better during organic search and thus helps to bring around organic customers.  

Influencers help your business to create trust and loyalty. They have a lot of fans and followers on their social media platforms who are vocal and responsive. These followers are directly associated with the building of trust for your brand. If they get what they want and if it is of good quality, they will leave reviews regarding the product and will hopefully become loyal to the brand.

For building trust of consumers towards brands, they must be responsive to their problems, even if they are not using marketing influencers. When a customer comes with a problem, the customer care team should take it seriously and respond immediately. The consumers also take to social media platforms to complain about the problem with the products. This can be harmful to the brands and their loyal customers. When such a post is seen, the brands should make it their responsibility to respond directly and immediately to create a level of intimacy. The consumers feel important and know that they are not talking to robots when trying to point out their problems.

When a member of the team makes a mistake on a social media platform, they should not delete the post of a tweet, rather they should acknowledge the mistake and poke fun on themselves or apologize for the mistake. Admitting the mistake, help people identify with the brand and make it more relatable.

There are two kinds of influencers who can easily create brand trust for any brands:


Micro influencers are people who have a relatively smaller number of followers but they are definitely more engaging than the followers of macro influencers. The gist of the term “micro influencer” gives us an idea of the number of followers for the influencers and their outreach. What we don’t understand is that these followers are more engaging and more genuine than the others.


Macro influencers are distinguished personalities and have a relatively higher number of followers. But what we can’t seem to differentiate is whether these followers are engaging and genuine or whether they are paid followers who are used to enhance the profile of these macro influencers.

It is very necessary for the brands to choose their influencers very carefully. They should choose influencers who identify with their brands and have a genuine and authentic outreach.


Celebrities have social media accounts that have millions of followers from all around the world. They can be really good influencers for products that require a global outreach. Celebrities treat their fans as friends. Platforms like Twitter and Instagram gives people a platform to connect with their favorite celebrities. They ask questions about products and other things. The celebrities can place the brands and their products very subtly in their conversation which will help the brand to build a larger consumer base. Celebrities can also post brand images and advertisements on their social media accounts for their fans to see. If t looks genuine, the fans will definitely think about trying the product and hopefully, this will help bring in more consumers.

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